Amy Shearn’s “2025” – Finalist for The Best Small Fictions 2016

Jennifer Fliss — “Hosed”
Flash fiction is a difficult medium to master, but Fliss does it well. She manages to craft a scene, characters, drama and a well-rounded plot within a short 500 words. The ending made me pause and reread it all over again because it blew my mind. Fliss’ piece is wonderful and worth a read or two or three.” ~Emily Ramser, Editorial Assistant, ChangeSevenMagazine

Jonathan Papernick — “Dog Whistle”
“…an imaginative, rather upsetting world of sexual discovery, loss of innocence, abandonment, and emotional connection/disconnection… the biggest accomplishment of this piece is to distill a fleshed-out coming-of-age story into the space of what amounts to a couple pages. In the right hands, this story proves, a work of flash can do anything.”