“In the Open” by People Holding

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This is where I live now! Thanks to Jerry Stuben and Mike Reade and lots of other guys who pitched in, I’m out of the piece of shit’s house. Undisclosed fucking location. Don’t bother looking in the metadata of this photo for GPS information, because it’s been stripped out. Get your clues from the woods. Even I don’t know the names of the trees yet, give it a shot. I don’t use my maiden name on this blog because I don’t want to hide. This is my backyard, there’s no fence or floodlights. As many of you know, I’ve been telling my story out in the open. I’m literally breathing fresh air. My nearest neighbor lives a half-mile away, in a trailer like mine. I retire at the end of the year. I plan to garden and maintain a wild portion of my yard, where nature can go for it.

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