“I Think I Have This” by People Holding

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One Pilsner in and I’m already feeling good. I love afternoons when only one drink loosens you up and makes you feel good, and you drink a lot less that night and can get out of bed in the morning. I have to model every wall-mountable item in the store tonight, but that means Beth has to work, too. We don’t have a timer or a tripod for the camera, so Beth is taking the pictures. I’m tired of smiling for the camera, so I’m sly. I think I have this. It’s summer and the streets outside the shop window are filled with people going out after work, two hours of sunlight left. I remember we went to Julio’s, this place with a large, happy bar attached. Beth takes one or two shots per sets of antlers, moose heads, furs. We were so done by then. This is the last one we did that night.

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