“My Parents’ Bedroom” by People Holding

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I would make a great Goth. And I will next month, after recitals. My chin line is very round, but it doesn’t make me look fat. It’s creepy, doing this in my parents’ bedroom. What the hell is that thing on the table? What plant, or vase, looks like that? I feel it is evil. Actually, it’s not completely out of the question to be in here. I gave my first blow job on this spot, at the foot of their bed. The boy got to look in the mirror. He kept moving my hair back, until he stopped and just laid back and felt it. Okay, you’re wondering if she’ll ever get around to mentioning the antlers in her hands. I’m checking myself out holding antlers until, you know, my boyfriend takes this shot and we put them back in my father’s closet. I’m sure my mom won’t let my father take them out. There’s a small black bear-skin rug rolled up back there, too. There is no way I’m posing with that gross thing. When we’re naked, I take the pictures.

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