“Symmetry” by People Holding

People Holding Antlers Leave a Comment

I had to step to the right a little, then more, but I over stepped. He told me to move back left a half step, no idea what I was doing, but now I see it: aha, I’m lined up with the patio door. The antlers are symmetrical, the shot is set up almost perfectly. But I’m looking down to my left. Concentrate on my hoop earrings – they’re my favorite but the least expensive jewelry I own. I wear them nearly every day. And the antlers are to die for, perfect like I’m trying to be, they just grew that way. They’re light, like birds’ bones, but you can’t easily break them. I’m annoyed at this moment, not because he is making me stand in a hundred different places, trying to get his perfect shot, but because my face. I always looked good in short hair and now I’m dreaming of long hair, past my shoulders. I do the math: I’ll be 43 when my hair gets that long. I’m putting on a double chin without gaining weight. The fat’s moving from my boobs to my chin. 03/18/2014. It’s always right. I can’t even get to the options that let you change the date, and he’d never tell me. I don’t know our wireless password. He put it into my laptop and my phone for me. A little to the left, another shot, but the last one didn’t make the cut. He’s trying so hard.

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