“Bad Words” by People Holding

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Bad words I’ve learned: Shut Up, Stupid, Retard, Butt-face, Fuck, Liar and Jerk-off. My dad’s a butt-faced retard. I want my mom to shut up. I’m a liar sometimes. Antlers are stupid. This is Saturday morning and my dad’s excited about selling these antlers, which have been in my grandparents’ house since before I was born. We sold nearly everything else after they died two days apart. But these have stuck around, and so has their old laser disc player and two movies: “Arthur” and “The Black Stallion.” I lied about brushing my teeth this morning. Taking this picture is the first thing I did after my time out was over. This is jerk-off boring. My dad never wears shirts, either, when we’re at home. I am like him in some ways. I have so many chores to do today. Hate is another bad word. I say it at school. I will hate this picture, I know this even as I look into the camera. I will look like a retard but the antlers will still look like they always have. Antlers are dead things.

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